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*MVP Developer Technologies 2017 -2021

My C++ and C# Books written for Dunod Publishing that will be shipped in 2020/2021

My Application UltraFluid Modeler

My Application Visual Studio Demo

My Windows Portage of OpenLMDB and Azure Support in Docker Container

Articles from 2017 :

N°224: Space Invaders 1978 with C/C++ and SFML – PDF
N°223: Windows Multithreading with C/C++ – PDF
N°222: Linux Multithreading with C++ – PDF
N°221: Inside Windows Service NoSQL – PDF
N°220: Creating a Windows Service– PDF
N°218: Migrating C/C++ code to 64 bits – PDF
N°217: Unit Test in C++ – PDF
N°216: Oriented Object Programming with C++ – PDF
N°215: Using shared_ptr<T> with C++ and RAII – PDF
N°214: Developing an IDE with C++ Part II – PDF
N°213: Developing an IDE with C++ Part I – PDF
N°212: REST Web API Server with C++ – PDF
N°211: Why C++ in 2017 ? – PDF

All My Technical Articles from 2011 to 2019 in French Magazine Programmez

Download PDF => N°148 | N°149 | N°150 | N°156 | N°173 | N°174 | N°187 | N°188 | N°189 | N°190 | N°191 | N°194 | N°195 | N°199 | N°200 | N°202 N°211 | N°212 | N°213 | N°214 | N°215 | N°216 | N°217 | N°218 | N°220 | N°221 | N°222 | N°223 | N°224 | N°225 | N°226 | N°227 | N°228 | N°229 | N°230_1 | N°230_2 | N°231 | N°232 | N°233 | N°234

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Dr Dobb's

This is a special Dr. Dobb's Tech Digest published on June 2014.
The first article (written by me) discusses using C++ and COM with WinRT,
particularly in the context of the world of Windows Store Apps.
Download the June 2014 issue (PDF).
Read the June 2014 issue with the Flash reader.

My Technical Articles in French Magazine Programmez

Inside COM+ Base Services (French traduction)

Microsoft TechDays 2014

Follow me at Microsoft TechDays 2014 in Paris for a session about
Best Practices with C++ 11.
Watch the video of the session (YouTube).

Slides from my TechDays sessions

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